I am a freelance music writer based in the UK. As an undergraduate music technology student living and working in London, I also have undertaken internships and voluntary work in both community oriented and professional organisations, including NTS Radio, Classic Album Sundays, and Westside Community Radio. In the process I have gathered experience in studio management, technical operations and multi-media promotion. Building this knowledge via effective use of social media, communicative roles, and hands-on technical operations has enabled me to gain an industry specific set of skills which have carried over into my professional practice as a whole.

As a writer and editor, I have so far written extensively and primarily for Classic Album Sundays, an organisation which focuses on the album format and it’s associations with vinyl, hi-fi, and audiophile listening culture. I have so far contributed four essays to the site’s ‘Modern Classic’ series, have conducted interviews for contributor profiles, and edited the work of other writers for publication. My recent induction to the editorial operations will see me expand this work further, with a focus on producing regular news content and improving the site’s connectivity and functionality.

Through my studies and educational training I have also gained an extensive set of software-based skills, utilising Logic Pro, Ableton, and Pro tools. These skills have developed alongside a keen interest and broad knowledge of musical genres, both emerging and established, within the fields of electronic dance music, hip hop, grime and experimental composition.

Contact: owen.jones.writing@gmail.com