Disruptive Muzak

Great interview with muzak/ambient artist Sam Kidel in the Quietus.

I’ve listened to his 2016 album Disruptive Muzak, which centres around playing new-age music down the phone to customer service agents, a few times since it’s release last year. Listening in a somewhat distracted state, I found the album pretty funny but didn’t consider the deeper explorations of late capitalism and isolation which Sam talks about in depth here.

Listening again there’s definitely a level of eeriness and desperation which I hadn’t quite considered before, which only serves to make the levels of humour even more insteresting – a push and pull between the obvious prank-caller mischievousness and the less apparent sympathetic compulsion to empathise with these workers, trapped in the dead-end drudgery of mind-numbing admin labour.


Jeff & Tony

A friend recently recommended this late ’16 performance featuring Jeff Mills, Tony Allen and Vincent Tiger. Completely slept on by myself, but incredible stuff, especially around 30 mins when Vincent joins the others on percussion.

A thorough education is needed on the work of Tony Allen, as, regrettably, I’ve yet to listen to much of his work…


Blissed-out browsing

A recent Resident Advisor reminded me of this long neglected gem:

Pretty much the perfect accompaniment to the frantic essay writing and existential dread which is all par for the course in the final weeks of your degree. Not so jazzy (made up of tiny fragmented samples, from what I’ve read), but packed with the kind of micro-detail that starts to resemble the frantic clicks of a keyboard. Warming me up nicely for the new Actress album too…